9/21 days – Where the art happens

Well, I have the most wonderful studio now. It could easily be twice as big, but it shines because A. I built it my very own self and B. it’s so dead quiet and calm and lovely, it’s to die for.

There’s quite a difference between the week I moved in and a good year later, however…

But then it’s been through an even bigger transformation before:

I think it’s quite cosy and I my productivity has increased many many times since I moved most of my stuff out of the house. (office remains in the kitchen)


21 days in my artworld challenge with Tara Leaver

#21daysinmyartworld on Instagram


2 thoughts on “9/21 days – Where the art happens

  1. Wow! It’s stunning! I can imagine how good this feels every time you walk inside. Well done, for creating it, and also for using it so well.


    1. Thank you! It was a tough year physically, but so worth it. And also an indication that I can get better gradually, I did spend most of the week on the sofa (building on weekends), but I also didn’t get the kind of setbacks that you do with ME. Or at least I don’t remember, LOL.

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