Once upon a time I was young and I wanted to be an artist (among many other things). I tried not to listen to all the voices that said it’s not how you can make a living, but as I could also see the reality of it, I gradually decided I should probably pretend to be an ordinary person and have regular jobs. I tried all sorts and never liked them much, and I certainly didn’t have the energy to also think creative thoughts at the same time.

Then I gradually circled back and have spent the last 10 years getting back in the swing of it; not painting initially, I’ve taken detours and gathered more things for my toolbox. I now do things with yarn and fiber, I take photos which has been an interest alongside the paintings all those years. So now I’m back where I started, 30 years older and slightly falling apart physically, which means that I can’t just go to work 9-5 like that ordinary person I never managed to convince anyone that I could be in the first place.

And all those years, through several moves, I held on to my supplies, because “what if” and “one day”. Well, the day is here. Let’s see where that leads, now, come and share my journey!