Wyrd Weavers

The Wyrd Weavers’ Guild is named for a lovely group of people on the Ravelry website. It’s members do not resemble any actual people, but are purely a figment of my imagination, but I couldn’t resist borrowing the name.

Dennis is the youngest weaver and also the guild secretary. That way he can always schedule meetings to not interfere with his favourite tv show. He proudly wears his first knitted scarf everywhere and his comfort food is pancakes.

Karna raises her own sheep, kashmere goats and alpacas, which unfortunately takes a lot of time away from actually spinning and weaving their wool. On top of that she is guild chairwoman which sometimes involves just as much herding, but she doesn’t quite know how to stop.

Ulla’s specialty is plant dyeing and she dreams of creating an entire warderobe for herself from nature.

Ruth: guild spindle whiz. Spins yarn all day long, anywhere, on the bus, in line at the supermarket, and usually carries a spare drop spindle in case some innocent bystander would like to give it a whirl.

Jytte is always looking for a good yarn bargain and has a detailed plan for each and every skein. Her fashion sense is a bit off but nobody has the heart to tell her so.

Martha is a quiet, helpful type, who loves to share her fabrics with other people. Her lifelong dream is to be a weave designer for Chanel.

Grethe is Ruth’s sister. Like the other guild members, she can’t get enough of all the colours, all the time. Expert detangler who has read every yarn book thoroughly several times, and enjoys chiming in with her technical knowhow anytime it’s needed.

Else is a landscape painter turned tapestry weaver. She enjoys tea, candles and everything that says slow living.


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