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she walks through the fair
“She Walks Through the Fair” – 2018 – 65×65 cm

Intuitivt, ekspressivt maleri inspireret af natur, lys, drømme og myter.

Akryl, mixed media og voks, med foto og vævning på sidelinjen, fokus på farver.

Nysgerrighed, begejstring og gakket humor før perfektionisme.

I am a picturemaker, dreamweaver, yarnie, horsenut. Colour is my drug.

Intuitive, expressive, abstractified paintings in acrylics, wax, and mixed media, with a side order of photography and occasional weaving.

Inspired by nature – big skies, open fields, plant- and wildlife, rocks, bark, leaves, the passing seasons. Fairytales and quirky humour.